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Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

We would like to recognize volunteers that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the wish experience memorable for our Wish Families. Each month we will be thanking one of our dedicated volunteers with a short write-up.

All of our volunteers are simply amazing, and we thank you deeply for your involvement with Make-A-Wish. To nominate a fellow volunteer, please email our Community Engagement Specialist at and tell us why they deserve a shout out. Thanks again for all that you do.


Della Gallagher

The bright and bubbly Della is no stranger when it comes to speaking up for what she believes in and experiencing the joy of Make-A-Wish.  Ten years ago, she herself was a wish kid and made a courageous request to not only meet the singer Josh Groban but to be able to propose to him.  Recanting the charming story, she recalls how she flew to New York, sang with Josh Groban in his recording studio even clogging for him, and then popping the big question.  It was all too surreal for this little fan whose dreams just came true and it had a life-changing effect.

As her Cystic Fibrosis kept her sick and, in the hospital, often, she recalls about how most of her childhood memories were medically-related except for the one of her Make-A-Wish trip. “I remember the doctors came in my room one time and I was afraid, so I just shouted, ‘I met Josh Groban.’  And they were like ‘Oh really.’ That trip memory was my go-to happy place.” And to this day she still has souvenirs from it hanging in her room. 

As Della got older, she decided to reach out to Make-A-Wish and give back the time and care that had been given to her years before.  Now she is a Wish Ambassador and as she puts it, “does whatever they need me to do.” Whether in the office or out speaking publicly, she says the most rewarding part of it all is seeing the impact of hope on the children’s faces when they hear her story and realize, “we do grow up,” and relating personally to their everyday life. “That used to be my life,” Della recalls with compassion.  Her biggest contributions to the foundation have been when she was the Master of Ceremony for the Triad’s Wish Society luncheon and when she spoke at the Hot Chocolate Run, in which she says she “got up early on a Saturday morning,” and wore her “Beware, I’m Fast” shirt that made the other runners believe she was a participant and not just the speaker. “Don’t you ever doubt my love for you Make-A-Wish,” she laughs with all sincerity truly meaning it.  And anyone who knows her would never doubt her loyalty and love for the cause.

Check out Della's story on YouTube! 

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