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August 2015: Meet Drew


“ Watching our son let go of his fear and jump off the cliff was a moment we will never forget. ”

- Wish mom Dawn

After surviving what was initially deemed an inoperable brain tumor, thrill-seeking nine-year-old Drew is always looking for his next adventure. Following his 2012 diagnosis, after visiting multiple doctors, he underwent surgery to successfully remove the tumor. His recovery took time, but Drew was determined to get back to school and baseball as quickly as possible.

During his hospital stay, amidst radiation treatments, a social worker referred Drew to Make-A-Wish. After careful thought, Drew decided Hawaii would be the perfect place for his next big adventure. With expansive beaches, reefs to snorkel and volcanoes to explore, Hawaii would provide the perfect playground for a relaxing vacation. While in treatment, to lift his spirits, Drew’s nurses always told him to picture his “happy place.” For Drew, that meant white sand beaches, clear blue water and sunny skies.

The following summer, with Drew in remission, the family packed their bags and left for a weeklong vacation of sun and adventure. In one action-packed week, Drew experienced his first luau, snorkeled with a turtle and discovered his natural talent for paddle boarding. A special dolphin swim was also booked.

During a scenic tour of the Hawaiian countryside, Drew and his parents created an incredible, memorable moment. After visiting a local volcano, the tour group was led over to a small waterfall. Participants were offered the chance to jump off the cliff and into a crystal blue pool of water. Taking a risk and letting go of all fear, Drew jumped. For him, it was a moment to be free. For his parents, it was watching their son have a life-changing, empowering moment.

Since his trip, Drew has been in remission and is getting back to some of his favorite hobbies. He has learned golf and with his natural talent, has already participated in a few tournaments. Drew is also back on his baseball team, which recently held a fundraiser to raise funds for Make-A-Wish. The wish experience was so impactful; Drew wants to make sure there will be money for other kids to get their wishes granted.

  • Drew and dolphin

  • Drew and family

  • Drew in Hawaii

  • Drew wading

  • Drew and family golf

  • Drew at Pinehurst

Watching our son let go of his fear and jump off the cliff was a moment we will never forget. ”

— Wish mom Dawn

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