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September 2015: Meet Sarah


“ These instruments were a source of entertainment and gave me a new sense of aspiration. ”

- Wish kid Sarah

About a year before being diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, Sarah started learning to play the guitar. Her guitar was old, had broken pegs and would often go out of tune, but the music brought her comfort. Fourteen at the time of her diagnosis, Sarah wished for more instruments so she could expand her musical hobby.

In the fall of 2004, Sarah was in for the surprise of her life when a simple errand to “pick up drumsticks” with her mom would turn into her wonderful wish-come-true. Greeted by her friends, family, and wish granters, walking into the music store, she got much more than just drumsticks. There was a brand new drum set – complete with a big, red bow - just for her. They also gave her a sparkly new acoustic guitar, a high-tech guitar foot board (GNX4) and a laptop.

Now, at twenty-four, Sarah recounts how much this wish helped her when she was going through treatment. She says that the instruments were a source of entertainment that gave her a new sense of aspiration and something to think about during her long nights in the hospital. Sarah continued improving her musical talents and to this day enjoys her instruments. She refused to let brain cancer hold her back and used her wish as inspiration to look beyond her diagnosis.

Her wish granter, Dwight, encouraged her as she endured treatment and kept in contact as she grew older. He even attended her high school graduation, college graduation, and just last year, he and his wife attended her wedding. Through this lasting relationship the Power of a Wish continues to seep into every facet of Sarah’s life.  

  • Sarah at her wish 2

  • Sarah at her wish 1

  • Sarah at her wedding

These instruments were a source of entertainment and gave me a new sense of aspiration. ”

— Wish kid Sarah

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