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Gibbs Family Gives Back


“ All of the children were treated like VIPs ... what a gift! ”

- Melissa, Taylor's mom

The parents of wish recipient Tyler Gibbs are giving back to Make-A-Wish by donating the proceeds from their Huntersville restaurant, Groucho’s Deli, from April 2014 – June 2014. Groucho’s of Huntersville is owned by JD Gibbs and his wife Melissa. The idea to open a Groucho’s of their own arose from a desire to create a successful business to provide ongoing revenue for local non-profit organizations. 100% of all proceeds generated by Groucho’s Deli of Huntersville will be donated to several local charities close to the heart of the Gibbs family and others that will be rotated on a quarterly basis.

The family hopes that their customers will embrace the idea of giving back to their community while enjoying the best specialty subs, sandwiches, and salads the South has to offer! “What could be easier or more rewarding than enjoying a delicious meal while effortlessly making a donation to a worthy cause?” said Melissa Gibbs. “And with food this good, why eat anywhere else?!”

The Gibbs have a personal connection with Make-A-Wish Central and Western North Carolina after their youngest son Taylor was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in January 2007. Taylor’s wish to visit Disney World® was granted in 2008. His parents and three older brothers were treated to a week of all the magical rides and entertainment Disney can offer. Taylor was able to leave chemotherapy, surgeries and spinal taps behind and focus on being a happy, carefree child for the week.

Melissa recounts the trip by saying, “We had placed our lives on hold to put our battle against cancer at the forefront, and all of us needed to get away from that battle and rediscover life beyond the cloud of chemotherapy. Make-A-Wish provided the ultimate avenue for that in our trip to Disney. All of our children were treated like VIPs, and in a week it felt like all that cancer had taken from them had been repaid! We weren't victims. We weren't to be pitied. We were a family in the fight of their lives but a normal family all the same ... laughing, relaxing, and exploring the Magic Kingdom. What a gift!” 

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