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Arriana: I wish to go on a Royal Caribbean Cruise


“ The wish gave us a chance to temporarily forget about our fears and worries. It made our family whole again. ”

- Arah Tan

Ten-year-old Arriana is a strong, wonderful, smart girl, with a magnificent smile who absolutely adores Hello Kitty and waterslides. Her favorite pastimes include being creative with arts and crafts, coloring, and swimming. Along with these hobbies, Arriana also finds herself in and out of the hospital and undergoing chemotherapy due to large cell lymphoma, a cancer in the blood, but she doesn’t allow this diagnosis to get her down! 

When Arriana found out she could pick her very own, one true wish, she knew right away that she wanted to be surrounded by water and waterslides. On August 3, 2013 Arriana, her mother, father and brother made their way to Orlando to board a Royal Caribbean ship for a seven day cruise. While on the cruise Arriana and her family traveled throughout the Caribbean and were able to visit the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maartin.

She really wanted to mute the thought of medical treatments and hospital visits for a while. “For seven days all we thought about was ourselves-what we’ll eat, where we’ll go, and time to swim. It has not been anything about hospitals, doctors, chemo, meds, or anything that reminds us of Arriana’s condition,” said Arriana’s mother. Arriana truly enjoyed a needed weeklong family vacation that allowed her to be relieved of hospitals while playing and enjoying all of the water that surrounded her. This wish helped Arriana believe that wishes do come true.  


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