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Austin: I wish to go to Lego Land


“ We weren’t the family with the sick child, we were just a family. ”

- Melissa Kepley

“The countdown leading up to the trip was a thing we could experience as a family and gave us something to look forward to” said Austin’s mother, Melissa. At eight-years-old, Austin was given a life-changing diagnosis; he had a medulloblastoma. This highly invasive form of cancer can affect the brain and spinal cord. Austin immediately began going through treatment that included long stretches of time that he filled with reading all of the Harry Potter and Star Wars books. He also uses his time to play with his Legos and proudly displays all of the things he has built in his room. When it came time to decide what his one true wish was, Austin had a hard time deciding between going to Disney or visiting Lego Land.

Austin, his parents, and his two younger brothers were flown to Orlando and given a week’s stay at the Give Kids The World Village. Austin and his family were able to visit both Disney and his beloved Lego Land. He forget his illness while experiencing the rides, meeting Disney characters and seeing new construction techniques in Lego Land. Austin said the highlights from his trip included the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and participating in Jedi training at Universal Studios and fighting Darth Vader. “We got to have fun without worrying!” His mom recounted the whole wish experience and how it created lifelong memories while bringing their family together. 

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