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Jace: I wish to go to Disney World®


“ We’re really looking forward to just having family time and not worry about anything. ”

- Jace's mother

Four-year-old Jace is a fun-loving young boy who adores all things Disney®. He also has a hematologic disorder which requires him to receive a blood transfusion every six weeks. Despite moments of fatigue and dizziness, Jace remains an optimistic young boy. When given the chance to have his wish granted, Jace knew it would be to meet his favorite Disney characters in person!

The day Jace and his family left for his wish, they got a hero’s welcome and parade at the airport. Jace was chosen to be a part of the mAAgic Flight program, an event where American Airlines nominates Make-A-Wish families from specific chapters to receive an unforgettable send-off experience. Once they got through the security checkpoint, a large parade escorted Jace and his family through the airport to their gate. Along the way, Jace even got the chance to meet Batman, one of his favorite superheroes!

Once in Florida, Jace and his family checked in to Give Kids the World Village® for an entire week of fun and relaxation. They received tickets to visit most of the major theme parks in Orlando. “We’re really
looking forward to just having family time and not worry about anything. No doctors, no needles, no transfusions, no nothing. We just get to be us, be together and have fun,” said Jace’s mom.
  • Jace with Donald

  • Jace with Bear

  • Jace with Goofy

  • Jace with Spongebob

  • Jace with Toy Story

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