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Logan: I wish to go and swim with the dolphins

Logan Atlantis

“ This was an experience I will never forget! ”

- Logan, wish child

Logan is a cheerful, brave, and adventurous sixteen-year-old. When asked what he would like his wish to be, Logan quickly replied, “I would like to swim with the dolphins.”  It has been his dream since he was a little boy to swim with the dolphins.

Monday finally came, and it was officially Wish Day! A limo came to pick up Logan and his family at 3 AM to take them to the airport! Logan and his family finally arrived in the Bahamas at 11 AM and Logan could not wait for his adventure to begin! The family spent the rest of Monday at the waterpark and swimming in the ocean! Tuesday was an especially memorable day for the family because they went deep-water swimming, and Logan was able to swim with dolphins for the first time in his life. It was an experience that Logan said he will never forget!

On Wednesday, the family went on a snorkeling excursion. While on the snorkeling trip, Logan met Darren Jordan, a former San Francisco 49ers player and Super Bowl Champion. Logan, who loves sports, enjoyed spending time with the athlete and listening to all his encouraging advice! Thursday was yet another adventure-packed day for Logan and his family because he was able to be a trainer for the day! Logan spent seven hours learning and playing with a variety of animals, including: dolphins, stingrays, and seals. Working as a marine animal trainer was by far one of the best and most rewarding experiences for Logan.

The surprises did not end there for Logan! Earlier in the day, Logan had noticed that the Miss Teen USA contest was being held at their hotel, and he had asked his mother if he could possibly get pictures with some of the contestants. His mother had called down to the front desk and asked if it was possible for Logan to meet some of the girls. The hotel went above and beyond, providing Logan with tickets to the exclusive reception dinner. The pageant coordinator set up a photo shoot for Logan to take pictures with all the girls, and Logan was able to socialize with a majority of the contestants throughout the reception. Thursday was a day Logan would never forget.

When looking back on the experience, Logan’s family could not stress enough how much Logan’s wish impacted their family and how extremely blessed they were for the opportunity.  They were very appreciative of time and attention that everyone spent to ensure that Logan’s wish trip to Atlantis would be by far his greatest adventure!

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