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Maddox: I wish to go to Disney World®


“ I can’t even put the experience into words, it was unforgettable. ”

- Maddox's mom

Four-year-old Maddox loves watching Team Umi Zoomie and playing with her dog, Sophie. She’s is a girly girl, loves the color purple and pink, and princess! This sweet little girl has Rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that develops in the tissues that support and connect the body. Despite her condition, Maddox is able to remain an extremely happy, bright child with an amazing family as a support system. When it came time to decide on her one true wish there was no hesitation. Maddox knew that her one true wish was to go to Disney World and meet the one and only, Tinker Bell!

In December of 2013, Maddox’s wish came true. Alongside her mother, father, and brothers, Maddox made her way to Disney World for an entire week of magic! Maddox was able to meet and talk with Tinker Bell and meet many other fantastic characters. Maddox and her family’s favorite part was seeing all of the characters and being there to see the lit-up park during Christmas. Maddox’s mom says that seeing her kids light up every time they met someone new was very special. During their trip they were able to meet many unforgettable families and create lifelong memories. 

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