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Walasia: I wish to go on a Royal Caribbean Cruise


“ Walasia's trip was a week of celebrating their family. ”

Eleven-year-old Walasia had a hard time deciding between wanting to meet football player, Cam Newton, or going on a cruise with her entire family. She eventually decided she couldn't resist spending much needed time away with her family on a huge boat! In December of 2013 Walasia, her mother, and her father flew to Florida to get on the huge boat. Each family member had an excellent time on the Royal Caribbean Cruise. She visited many new places that she has never seen before. 

Walasia was diagnosed with a Germinoma brain tumor. Her family has been a support for her as she goes through the treatment process. However, she continues to be universally known as an extremely bright, friendly, and amazing little girl. Her goal for this trip was to spend good quality time with her family, which was accomplished. The cruise allowed her to have quality time with her family. They didn’t have to stress about going to appointments, unexpected hospital visits or difficult treatments; they could simply relax and know for a fact that for the entire week it wasn’t Walasia’s condition, it was about celebrating their time spent together as family. 

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