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Elizabeth: I wish to have a therapy room

At only four-years-old, sweet and energetic wish kid Elizabeth has courageously faced a nervous system disorder throughout her entire life. Her condition makes it difficult to control muscle movements and coordination. In order to help improve her capabilities, she spends much of her time in physical therapy and treatments outside her house. Elizabeth’s nervous system disorder not only affects her muscles, it also lowers her immune system making it very dangerous for her to be around other people.

  • Elizabeth's room reveal

  • Elizabeth and her family

  • Having fun on the new trampoline

  • A beautiful mural was painted just for Elizabeth

Elizabeth always wanted a place made just for her, where she could enjoy playing and relaxing. She knew that having unlimited therapy opportunities would change her life and she wished to have her very own therapy room! 

The moment Elizabeth walked through the door to her therapy room, her eyes lit up in excitement. She was amazed at all the wonderful new things to see including a hand-painted mural featuring a dog, pig, and rainbow. After admiring the beautiful artwork, she ran straight over to the ball pit and couldn’t wait to climb in. She had so much fun rolling around in the pit and throwing the balls all over the room!

Next it was time to try out the miniature trampoline. She loved bouncing as high as she could and with every jump she exclaimed, “Jump, jump, jump, jump!” After some time on the trampoline, she slid down the foam slide and practiced walking on the balance beam. She loved being able to see herself in all the mirrors as she practiced her therapy routines.

Elizabeth’s wish to have a therapy room not only makes her treatment more accessible, but as her mom said, “It makes such a difference in her life!” Her parents are so thankful that she now has a safe place to enjoy for years to come.

Having unlimited therapy opportunities will help us out so much and make such a difference in her life! ”

— Wish mom Amy

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