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Shanya's Fluffy New Friend

  • Wish kid Shanya smiles as she meets her wish puppy named Fluffy for the first time.

  • Fluffy loves to snuggle with Shanya at home.

  • That smile could not beam any brighter!

  • A big thanks to Petland for donating everything a pup could need!

  • Fluffy is excited to find his fur-ever home with Shanya.

“ A wish gives a child a moment to not worry about their illness, but to create memories with their families that they can cherish. ”

- Barbara, volunteer wish granter

After initially getting involved with Make-A-Wish through her company, Barbara was committed to experiencing more of the mission and decided to become a Volunteer Wish Granter. One of her first wish experiences was with wish kid Shanya. Although Shanya is nonverbal, the moment she came into the Wish Discovery Visit, Barbara didn’t skip a beat.

“I felt an immediate connection with her,” Barbara said when thinking back to that moment. “When she smiled, I knew that we were going to have the best time determining her wish.” Barbara began asking Shanya and her grandma questions about what she likes and doesn’t like. When the idea of having a puppy came up, Shanya lit up and threw her hands in the air in excitement. It was clear that having a small dog she could name Fluffy would be the perfect wish for her.

On the day of Shanya’s wish, Barbara arrived at the Wishing Place early so she would have plenty of time to arrange all the goodies that were donated by Petland. Fluffy would be receiving the royal treatment with a new bed, blanket, treats, bath supplies and, of course, plenty of fun new toys. Barbara was giddy with excitement when she found out that she would be the one to hand the puppy to Shanya “When I came into the room with the puppy and her eyes lit up, it was such an amazing feeling!” Barbara said.

After taking Fluffy back to her fur-ever home, Shanya’s grandmother told Barbara that the two were inseparable and shared photos of Fluffy and Shanya cuddled in bed together.

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be part of the wish process. A wish gives a child a moment to not worry about their illness, but to create memories with their families that they can cherish.”

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