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Mya McKenzie: I wish to meet the Disney princesses


“ Girly girl Mya McKenzie had a week filled with princesses and fun ”

Mya McKenzie is wild about the color pink and all things relating to princesses. However, hospital visits and Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a form of cancer that progresses quickly through the bone marrow and blood, have also accompanied the majority of her five years. Although Mya McKenzie has been through so much in her five years of life, it doesn't stop her from always being one of the sweetest, silliest little girls you’ll ever lay eyes on. 

Mya McKenzie’s hobbies include anything that has to do with her favorite Disney princess, Cinderella. It was no shock when she decided that her one true wish was to put her princess dress on and go to Disney World® to meet the princesses.  

In December 2013 Mya McKenzie’s wish came true. Along with her parents, Mya McKenzie was given a week-long vacation to Disney World. She got to stay in the Give Kids the World village and spend her carefree week being treated like the princess that she is. She was able to wear her Cinderella gown and meet her favorite princess, as well as the rest of the princesses at Disney. Her ultimate dream came true! Mya McKenzie’s face continued to light up after each princess that she was able to meet.  Because of Mya McKenzie’s wish being granted she was able to experience every little girls dream. She was able to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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