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Sabrina: I wish to meet Justin Bieber

Sabrina and Justin

“ Meeting Justin Bieber was the best day of my life ... ”

- Sabrina, wish child

From the outside looking in, bubbly Sabrina appears to be just like any other teenager; she loves to shop, enjoys cheer-leading, and gossiping about the latest teen heart-throb with her friends. However, if you peer into the picture a little bit more you will meet a brave girl fighting Pneumococcal Meningitis and chronic seizures. When Make-A-Wish contacted Sabrina and asked her if they could grant her any wish, Sabrina’s eyes lit up, “I would like to meet Justin Bieber!”

When Sabrina and her family found out her wish was coming true, her mother said, “It felt like it was a dream and it wasn't coming true.” Yet, this would soon be Sabrina’s reality. She was going to meet Justin Bieber! Wish day finally approached and Sabrina could not be more excited for the opportunity to meet her hero, Justin Bieber. Sabrina arrived at the hotel in Charlotte, NC the day of Justin’s concert and she couldn’t believe her eyes when she walked into the hotel room that was all decorated just for her. At that moment in time, Sabrina knew this was going to be one of the best nights of her life.

The ride arrived at the hotel shortly to take Sabrina and some other wish children to the special location where they would meet Justin! Sabrina was so anxious to meet Justin; she knew this was an experience few people ever par-take in. Meeting Justin Bieber changed her life in so many different ways. Her mother claims that the smile was, “un-movable” for weeks and that she carries around the bag he gave her everyday.

Meeting Justin Bieber impacted Sabrina in more ways then her family could ever imagine. Before her wish, Sabrina saw herself as a girl with intellectual disabilities and seizures. After meeting Justin and being able to spend time talking to him, gave her confidence to realize she is an extra special teenager. “The feeling of knowing someone famous, like him, to do this has shown Sabrina she does matter”, stated Lisa, Sabrina’s mother.

This was an experience Lisa will always cherish and Sabrina will never forget. “She will never get to experience the excitement of getting her drivers license, walking down the aisle as a bride, or becoming a mother. However, the night she met Justin Bieber was a chance few people ever experience and I still tear up thinking about it.”

  • Sabrina and Justin

Meeting Justin Bieber was the best day of my life... ”

— Sabrina

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